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Silicon carbide(SiC), Gallium nitride (GaN)
   Professor Kazuto YAMAUCHI and Associate professor Yasuhisa SANO at Osaka University unveiled the damage-free planarization of SiC and GaN wafers of using a new planarization technique they named CAtalyst-Referred Etching (CARE). The CARE method can planarize SiC and GaN wafers without the use of an abrasive. It can produce flat, undamaged, and smooth surfaces with a root-mean-square roughness of less than 0.1 nm over a whole wafer.
   We primarily focus on polishing by CARE, and have already introduced CARE equipment. Our CARE equipment include wafer inspection, wafer shape quality review, metrology and data management systems. We offer high quality SiC and GaN wafers by planarizing of CARE technology. Therefore, it has already been attracting a lot of attention from semiconductor fields.

   Wafers are available in any size diameter to 200 mm (8 inch). Thick film copper, stepped portion of films and etc. can be measured.
   If you need further information, please contact us.

   We have been in the business of cutting and grooving polishing pads for over 20 years. During that time we have perfected the grooving process and achieved high levels of competency to the benefit of our many customers. Having developed and employed a number of groove and perforation process technologies, we have a track record of establishing the best solution for each customer’s needs.
CMP polishing pad processing

Grid and Perforation
Pad Size within 1120 mm in diameter
Thickness 0.5-5 mm
Pad Grooving and Surface Preparation
Dimensional accuracy
Planarization ±30μm(φ800 mm)
・Grid Groove width: 0.3-3.0 mm
Groove depth: 0.1-2.0 mm
Pitch: Option
・Concentric Groove width: 0.1-1.0 mm
Groove depth: 0.1-2.0 mm
Pitch: Option
・Logarithmic Groove width: 0.3-3.0 mm
Groove depth: 0.1-2.0 mm
Pitch: Option
・Spiral Groove width: 0.3-3.0 mm
Groove depth: 0.1-2.0 mm
Pitch: Option



Log(-) Spiral(+)

Inclined grooving
Perforation Diameter: 0.3-3.0 mm
Depth: Option
Placement: Option
Special shape Example: Inclined grooving
    The groove has an inner circumferential side wall and an outer circumferential side wall which are substantially parallel to each other and which are inclined with respect to the center axis of the pad substrate.
    We respond to customer needs.

Sale of Pad processing machine

 Pad Size 1120 mm diameter
Capability Front and back surface skinning, Concentric (straight or slanted angle), Spiral and/or Logarithmic, Grid, Cutting
(to any desired final diameter)
Positioning Control accuracy = ± 5 microns, Processing precision = ± 15 microns
Control System Numenical control
Size 1150 mm
Floor space 3.2 m × 2.5 m × 2.5 m
Total 5000 kg (appx.)
Electrical 220 V and 50 A
CDA Pressure = 5 kg per cm2
Options Plural blades (for concentric & Grid grooves), Plural drill and end-mill unit,
Dust suction unit, Pad cleaning unit,
Platen rotation speed up

   The most of polishing pads used by CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) process are disposed of industrial waste without being reprocessed after use. In order to reproduce these old polishing pads, we have developed and commercialized the auxiliary plate (SAISEI ECO CAP®).
STMicroelectronics, Cea Leti, Applied Materials Co., Ltd, and our company evaluated this auxiliary plate adaptability on the polisher, and demonstrated the impact of reprocessed pad on polishing performances. As a result, there were no statistically significant differences between the polishing pad with/ without the auxiliary plate. In addition, the reprocessed pad had no effect on removal rate and uniformity. (Conference presentation: ICPT 2012)
Quality Control and Testing

   We maintains the highest quality standards through detailed analysis and reporting conducted by our technicians. Our laboratory is equipped with some of the most sophisticated instruments available to analyze a wide variety of polishing pads for our customers.

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