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   We offer high quality SiC and GaN substrates by polishing of "CARE"
technology. For examples of GaN substrate polishing test, this technology allows RMS microroughness of less than 0.1 nm.
   Therefore, it has already been attracting a lot of attention from semiconductor fields.

   We have been offering quality
products by our cutting work since 1998.
The groove shape of the polishing pad
of high quality can be provided higher
retention of slurries which is possible to
offer high-quality wafers. Our cutting work technology is able to meet customer's expectations.

   We have developed the Auxiliary Plate (SAISEI ECO CAP®).
The prevention of errors by hand work,
the reduction of installation-time,
and the stable polishing performance
are accomplished by using the Plate. Moreover, the pad can be reproduced
and be used repeatedly.

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